Piercing - Kenosha Tattoo Company

Professional, clean, experienced.

Our inhouse master piercer Chantel Marie can assist you in all of your piercing needs. From adults to children's ears as young as 6 months, we can help! All of our equipment is one time use disposable eliminating the risk of any cross contamination.


Walk-ins are always welcome. Chantel is available  Mon-Tues-Weds-Fri-Sat 12pm-8pm or by Special Appointment.

She is Off Thursdays and every other Sunday.


Belly Button        30.00

Nose                       30.00

Septum                  35.00

Labret                     30.00

Eyebrow                 30.00

Tongue                    35.00

Tragus                      40.00

Daith                         40.00

Rook                         40.00

Industrial                45.00

Conch                       40.00

Cartilage                  35.00

Lobes                        30.00

Helix                          35.00

Nipples                      60.00

Dermal                      60.00

Bridge                        35.00

Anti Eyebrow          40.00

Snug                           40.00

Medusa                      35.00

Monroe                      35.00

Jestrum                     35.00

Inverse Labret         35.00

Vertical Labret        35.00

Snake Bites              40.00

Spider Bites             40.00

Shark Bites              45.00

Dolphin Bites          40.00

Angel Bites               40.00

Canine Bites            40.00

Smile                          35.00

Snake Eyes               40.00

Dahlia                         40.00

Dimples                      50.00

Forward Tragus      35.00

Hips                             50.00

Back Dimples          50.00

Christina                   100.00

Custom Jewelry

We have one of the largest selections of body jewelry for piercings in Kenosha. From steel to titanium, tungsten to organics, we have what you are looking for in a multitude of gauges and styles. We are not like your average piercing and tattoo shop!