Piercing - Kenosha Tattoo Company

Professional, clean, experienced.

Our Master Piercer Rick Campagna has mastered the art of body piercing in Kenosha over the last 15 years. A perfectionist at his craft, come and get pierced in an inviting and private setting. We use only the highest of quality in equipment. 


Nose: 30.00

Belly Button 30.00

Septum: 40.00

Lip: 30.00 or 40.00 for dual

Eyebrow: 30.00

Tongue: 30.00

Tragus: 40.00

Daith: 40.00

Rook: 40.00 

Industrial: 45.00

Conch: 40.00

Cartilage: 30.00

Lobes: 30.00 or 45.00 for both

Helix: 30.00

Gauging: 60.00

Nipples: 60.00 (pair)

Cartilage: 30.00

All piercing prices include jewelry!

Custom Jewelry

We have one of the largest selections of body jewelry for piercings in Kenosha. From steel to titanium, tungsten to organics, we have what you are looking for in a multitude of gauges and styles. We are not like your average piercing and tattoo shop!