Piercing - Kenosha Tattoo Company

Professional, clean, experienced.

Our in house resident piercer Gianna can assist you in all of your piercing needs. From adults to children's ears as young as 6 months, we can help! All of our equipment is one time use disposable eliminating the risk of any cross contamination.


You may schedule your piercing by appointment but remember. Walk-ins are always welcome. 



Belly Button  30 

Dolphin Bites 60

Nose 30  

Snake Bites 60

Septum  40  

Spider Bites 60

Labret 30  

Forward Helix 40

Eyebrow  30  

Angel Bites 60

Tongue 40    

Canine Bites 100

Tragus 30  

Dahlia Bites 60

Daith 40  

Shark Bites 100

Rook 40

Industrial 40

Conch 30/40

Cartilage 30

Lobes  25/50

Nipples 35/70

Snug 30

Medusa 40

Monroe   40

Vertical Labret 40

Anti Tragus 30

Dermals 50/90


Under 18

Under Wisconsin State Law, if you are under the age of 18 and wish to get a belly button, ears, or nose piercing you must have a parent present. Both parties must have identification and sign our waivers.

We do pierce children's ears with a parent present.

There are no exceptions.