Frequently Asked Questions

Can my parent sign a waiver so I can get tattooed if I am under 18? Absolutely Not. State law prohibits the tattooing of minors under any circumstances, ever. 

I am Diabetic, can I get a tattoo? As with any medical concern we request you speak to your primary care physician first.

Can I request a specific artist? Absolutely! They are often booked out for some time but if you want a specific artist you can place a deposit and reserve a time slot.

I know what I want, but I can't draw it. Can you help me? We sure can. Bring in your ideas whether it be on paper or in your mind and we will sit down and design it for you.

Does it hurt? Yep. It does. But it is very tolerable and we make every effort to make you as comfortable as possible. 

Can I bring a friend with me? Yes you can bring your support team with you as long as they are over 18 years of age. But please no more then two guests per client as space becomes crowded fast.

It's my first tattoo how do I do this? Thank you for trusting us with your first tattoo! We would love to do it. We would recommend stopping into the shop for a free consultation. Look through our books of work and choose an artist you would like to work with, from there you may speak to them directly about the design you have in mind. They will set up a time for your appointment, take your ideas and create a design for you, and be ready for when you come back in!

I have a tattoo that was started by another artist but I would really like you guys to finish it. Will you?  Yes we will complete the project for you. No problem. You and the artist of your choice can sit down and discuss the vision you have for your art.

Can I get a tattoo if I am pregnant or breastfeeding? No you cannot, due to the risk of infection for your immune system its best to wait until after you have completed your pregnancy or nursing your child.

Will you tattoo any design? For the most part yes, there have been a few tattoos over the years we have declined but its few and far between. As a standard rule we will not tattoo gang affiliated or hate related tattoos.

How do deposits work? Deposits are nonrefundable. They go towards the artist's time of creating your design and setting up your appointment. If you must cancel your appointment you can reschedule it one time free of charge, and your deposit will transfer to your rescheduled date (up to one calendar year). If you do not call or show up for your appointment your deposit is cancelled and not eligible to go towards any future work. 

Do you pierce the ears of babies? Yes we do, 6 months and above. Please note, if the child verbally expresses their wish not to get their ears pierced we will not pierce them. 

Is jewelry included in the piercing price? Yes it is. We do have a selection of different jewelry to choose from for a slightly increased price as well. 

Do you use needles or a piercing gun? We only use implant grade surgical steel piercing needles. Never a piercing gun. 

I am sensitive to metal will I have a reaction? You shouldn't. Our piercing jewelry is made of top level implant grade surgical steel and titanium. Less then 1% of the population has a reaction to this type of metal. 

How do I make an appointment?  You can stop in, call, text, or email! If the appointment is over 2 weeks away we require a nonrefundable deposit.

Never hesitate to ask!

Please ask us anything you may wish to know. Never feel intimidated or scared to ask a question. Your safety and comfort are our highest priority. 

If you have a concern or comment please email Jon at