Memorial, Cremation, and UV Tattoos

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Memorial Tattoos

Whether your loss was yesterday or 25 years ago, memorializing your loved one is a great way to keep their spirit alive and with you at all times. Our artists are experts in designing a custom piece for you that will keep the memory of your loved one alive and with you in a very tasteful and meainingful way.

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Cremation Tattoos

After a loved one is cremated, families often wonder what can be done with their loved one’s cremation ashes. There are the usual ideas like scattering them or placing them in an urn — but maybe you’d prefer something more unique, yet still meaningful?

Essentially, a cremation tattoo is one where a small amount of cremation ashes are added to regular tattoo ink, to create an ash-infused ink solution. This is then injected into the customer’s skin, just as a regular tattoo would be.

Our artists have experience in creating one of a kind cremation tattoos. Let us make your everlasting tribute tattoo really special. With all of the tattoo and piercing shops in the area, we are the only tattoo shop in that specializes in cremation and memorial tattoos in Kenosha. 

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UV Lighting Tattoos

UV Light Tattoos or black light tattoos are made with dyes that are visible under an ultraviolet light. Depending upon the ink chosen a UV tattoo can be nearly invisible when illuminated only by light within the visible spectrum. Therefore, they have found popularity with people seeking a subtler tattoo. UV tattoos are particularly popular in the raver subculture for their distinctive appearance.