Our Artists In Kenosha


Jeannie has a very long history of professional art training, art history, and tattoo experience. Specializing in fine line, surrealism and watercolor tattooing. Jeannie is also our resident piercers who is APP certified in blood borne pathogens for body piercers , a licensed massage therapist, and Reiki practitioner.  

Day Off Tuesday and Thursday


Tim's resume is extensive. He's been tattooing since 1997, he's an international award winning artist, who has worked with the best in the nation. Tim has owned and operated the legendary "The Other Side" Tattoo Shop in Logan Square, Chicago, Illinois for the last 12 years. Deciding to relocate his family to Kenosha and slow down his work load, he's ready to take on some amazing projects here in Kenosha.

Available: Weekends Only


Josh comes to us from Lacrosse Wisconsin. A fast study and always up for a challenge hes brought his skill set to us. Josh loves making original flash, and color pieces for his clients. For the immediate future Josh will be splitting his time between here and Lacrosse. He'll be available two weeks of every month here. 

Available: December 10-16th 2018

                   2019  - TBA