Microblading In Kenosha

Microblading is taking the world by storm and we are proud to offer the service by our amazing staff of Katy Camacho and Lisa Hawkins. Katy is the only graduate of the prestigious Phi Academy of Microblading in Southeastern Wisconsin. Lisa was top of her class at the very well respected Esthetic World Beauty of Chicago. When considering microblading, make sure your artist is licensed, experienced, and trained. Permanent Makeup applications are just that, permanent, go with the best, the first time, everytime.

Microblading is the manual skill of semi permanent eyebrow drawing. The pigment is applied into the surface layer of the dermis. Correction or touch-ups are done 6 weeks after the initial treatment. On average the expected time until a new treatment is recommended is 10-12 months, the healing schedule is normally 28 days. Post treatments make up 70% of the treatment's success ratio. The success of the treatment depends on the skin quality, post treatment care, and the exposure to different external factor.


The Kenosha Tattoo Company is very proud to offer Microblading in Kenosha!

Consultation, Application, and Touch up only 329.00!