Community Involved!


Starting in the fall semester of 2017, The Kenosha Tattoo Company will be offering an apprenticeship to one lucky art student who wishes to learn tattooing. This 1 year program will allow them to learn proper tattooing in a safe and professional setting instead of on their own. After the apprenticeship is over the student is free to stay on our staff or move on to another shop of their choosing!

Monthly Pop Up Art Gallery

As one of our projects for community involvement in Kenosha, once a month The Kenosha Tattoo Company will host a free Pop Up Art Gallery to any local artist who would like to display their work for the day to gain some publicity and possibly generate sales. This will be free to attend and present! We want to promote art in Kenosha!

Helping to End Human Trafficking

The horrible crime of human trafficking is a fact of life for many victims throughout the nation. Kenosha is no exception. With the hard work of local law enforcement hopefully someday it will be eradicated. But until then, we want to help. Often times victims of human trafficking are subject to embarrassing tattoos by their traffickers to establish dominance over them. With any law enforcement referral we will provide a free cover up tattoo to assist in the healing process and next step in a new life free from their traffickers.