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3rd Coast Ink

In the summer of 2018, The Kenosha Tattoo Company was featured on the e360tv Network's hit reality show "Third Coast Ink." Produced by Jon Principe and filmed by 925 pictures. Drawing an average of 650,000 viewers per week!

#Kenosha #Tattoo #Wisconsin #kenoshatattoocompany #besttattoos #bestofkenosha #awardwinning #piercing #bestpiercing

PBS Documentary

In April of 2018, The Kenosha Tattoo Company will be featured in a documentary about Human Trafficking and our contribution to the fight to end it. Our shop has gotten nationwide recognition for our cover up tattoo work on tattoos of the victims of Human Trafficking.

As Seen On TV! Our shop has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Telemundo and various news agencies across the United States showing our work in cover ups. We have been featured on broadcasts in the cities of Milwaukee, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Sioux City, Minneapolis, Las Vegas, West Palm Beach, Newport News, Nashville, Denver, and various other locations nationwide.  We have been featured in Voyage Chicago Magazine, The Kenosha News,, Topix, The Conservative Angle,, Qwicket, Telemundo,, Onenewspage and various other news outlets.

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#Kenosha #Tattoo #Wisconsin #kenoshatattoocompany #besttattoos #bestofkenosha #awardwinning #piercing #bestpiercing

Helping to End Human Trafficking

The horrible crime of human trafficking is a fact of life for many victims throughout the nation. Kenosha is no exception. With the hard work of local law enforcement hopefully someday it will be eradicated. But until then, we want to help. Often times victims of human trafficking are subject to embarrassing tattoos by their traffickers to establish dominance over them. With any law enforcement referral we will provide a free cover up tattoo to assist in the healing process and next step in a new life free from their traffickers.